Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekly Menu

Monday-Marinated Steaks with Corn
Wednesday-Chicken Rice Casserole from HERE
Thursday-French Dip Subs (I had these on the menu a couple weeks ago but we never made them)
Friday-BBQ Chicken and Corn (I also had it on the menu for a few weeks but we haven't gotten around to making it)
Saturday-Penne a la Besty from HERE (we will use chicken instead of shrimp)
Monday-Ham Fried Rice


Snell Family said...

So I think it's funny I printed off the recipe for Penne a la Betsy last week. Although we're not eating it this week, maybe next week. And my boys are crazy for shrimp so we'll try it that way. You'll have to let me know how the chicken is.

Melanie said...

That chicken rice casserole looks fantastic. It looks wild-ricy, and I love wild rice.

Also! Is that french dip sub recipe from (crap now I can't remember the blog- oh well)... but it has cream cheese on the sub, right? If so, I've tried it and it's DEEEEELISHIOUS! If it's not the same recipe, your's is obviously inferior and you'll have to try mine. :)

Amber said...

The casserole took 2 hours from start to finish! But we had tons of leftovers and it was wonderful! And yes, that is the recipe Melanie and it was good. I'm not a huge roast beef fan, but Chris is and really liked it!