Monday, June 22, 2009

Diabetic Vanilla Ice Cream

I was lucky enough to host Father's Day dinner at my house yesterday and made some homemade vanilla ice cream for dessert. And because my father is a diabetic and I wanted him to be able to eat it, I made a diabetic version. I found the recipe on and doubled it so that we would have enough. I may have put a tad too much of vanilla in it, but it was dang good!

13 oz. can evaporated milk
2 tbsp. sugar replacement (I used Splenda)
1 1/2 c. whole milk
1 tbsp. vanilla
3 eggs

Combine evaporated milk and sugar replacement. Beat well until sugar is dissolved. Add whole milk and vanilla, beat well. Add eggs, beat eggs into milk mixture vigorously. Pour into ice cream maker, freeze according to manufacturer's directions.

Makes 8 servings (16 if you double it). I can't remember but I think my ice cream maker is a 2 quart and after doubling the recipe it filled it up.

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Shane and Ariel said...

Yummy! I love homemade ice cream.