Saturday, November 1, 2008

Day Late!

I realize that I should've posted this before Halloween! Maybe you could use these ideas for your Halloween party next year!

I got the idea for the cake from It is called The Great Pumpkin Cake. You bake any flavored cake you want in a fluted or bundt pan. When it's cool, frost it with orange frosting and using green frosting pipe the green lines on. The stem is an ice cream cone covered in green frosting. I took this cake to a Halloween party and everyone loved it and thought it was cute!

We had a potluck at work on Halloween and I made this Spiderweb Brownie Pull-Apart! I baked brownies in muffin cups, spread with chocolate frosting and piped orange frosting in a circle. Then I took a toothpick and drug it through the orange icing creating the web. The spider is a chocolate truffle with icing for the eyes and legs. I won the dessert contest at work!

I think he's cute!

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