Sunday, June 15, 2008

Diabetic Phyllo Fruit Cups

Awful blurry picture, but you get the idea!

I had my family over for dinner for Father's Day and since my dad is diabetic, I wanted to make him a dessert that he could eat. I have never paid attention to my dad's diabetes but a couple months ago I realized that he couldn't eat a lot of the desserts that I was making, so I googled some diabetic recipes and kindof created this one myself from several other recipes.

I bought a package of Phyllo dough and let it unthaw. I took 1 sheet of the dough and sprayed it with cooking spray and sprinkled it with cinnamon and Splenda. I put 1 more sheet over it and sprayed it again. I took 1 more sheet, sprayed it and sprinkled more Splenda and cinnamon on it. I cut the sheets into 6 squares and the carefully placed them into muffin cups. I repeated this process until I had 12 cups made.

Our wonderful dinner of pot roast needed to settle before dessert, so while we opened gifts I cut up strawberries and placed them in a bowl with raspberries and sprinkled a little Splenda over them and put them in the fridge to get juicy.

After gifts and watching some golf we were ready for dessert. I filled the cups up with Fat Free Sugar Free Ice Cream (tastes exactly the same as regular ice cream, I was worried) and scooped the fruit on top.

These were so easy to make and so good! My mom said that Phyllo cups tasted like churros.

This was the first time I used Phyllo dough and it was a little difficult to work with, it ripped really easily, but I'm excited to use it again.

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dusty kay said...

Amber, this looks good. My dad is also diabetic, I should try it sometime. I hope you don't mind that I comment on your blog. I love reading your food and craft one. You have a talent! Its been a long time since we have talked, I feel I owe you and apology from the last time. I hope you are doing well. Sorry to hear Chris has been gone for so long!