Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spice Spring Cleaning

I keep my spices in a thin tiny cupboard next to my stove, that was the only place that fit all of them. They are all stacked on top of each other and when I try and find one I end up taking all of them out. Does anyone else have this problem or am I the only one? Well, I'm sick of it and have been trying to figure out some way to get them organized.

My first step to organization was to go through my spices and check the dates on them! Well I ended up throwing away 11 spices that had expired! The oldest spice was from 2007-sick! I now have a list of spices to purchase but since they are expensive I am just going to purchase them here and there.

My second step is to get organized! While blog hopping I came across an idea to write the name of the spice on the top of the lid, put a Tupperware container or box filled with your jars of spice in the cupboard and then just pull the Tupperware container out and get your spice out that way. That was a great idea, except that I can't find a box that small and short enough.

So this is my next solution!

I am going to attach the magnetic knife rack inside my pantry on the wall freeing up my cupboard! And then attach a clear label with the name of the spice on the spice container! And then stick the spices on the knife rack! I'm excited about this and will post pictures when I'm finished!

Happy Spice Cleaning to all of you!


Melanie said...

Too funny: I just cleaned out and reorganized my spice cupboard a few weeks ago. I did EXACTLY what you just mentioned. I HAPPENED to find small tupperware containers (about 3 oz.) at an office supply store and I bought 32 of them ($1 for 8 containers). I do love this because now I can buy the spices from the bulk section at Winco and have somewhere to put them.

One other suggestion get a spice tier thingy. It looks like a set of stairs, and they are OH so useful. That way you don't have to dismantle all your spices to get the bottom one since there aren't any stacked on top of each other.

mallorymallorah said...

Love this idea. I've seen those at IKEA! I have a spice rack but I also have many loose jars in a drawer in my kitchen, I just might do this with all the strays.

The Doll said...

I love that idea. I almost bought the ones from IKEA but the lids don't screw on, they just pop on and off and I didn't like that. If you happen to find some that screw on I would LOVE to know about them. Good Luck.