Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Steak Sandwich For Dad

We have a great neighborhood and great neighbors! And because it's Summer in Utah (Kind of) we have been grilling with them. At one of our BBQs my neighbor make some steak sandwiches but I didn't get to try one because I was eating a bigger steak! So I thought I would try making my own and it was great! The steak was so thin and seasoned nicely, the bread was slightly toasted and the lettuce gave it a nice crunch. This sandwich would be great for Father's Day or for any BBQ!

Steak Sandwiches
(Makes 3)
3 Thin slices of round steak
Lawrys Steak Marinade
3 Ciabatta Rolls
Miracle Whip
Provolone Cheese
Put the steaks in a ziploc bag and marinate with about 1/2 cup of the marinade for 30 minutes. Throw those babies on the grill. While they cook (which takes about 5 minutes) toast the rolls. Spread the Miracle Whip on the rolls. Top with a slice of the steak and put the cheese on top of the steak so it melts a little bit. Top with the lettuce and tomato. Serve with some chips, fruit, potato salad or whatever you want!

Happy Father's Day and Happy Grilling!

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