Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weekly Menu

I suck at taking lunches to work so this week I am going to try hard and take my own lunch everday. So I provided that menu this week as well!

Wednesday-Chicken Enchiladas
Friday-Having Girls Night Out Pasta Bar and Orange Cupcakes (It will have it's own post)
Saturday-Ribs, Corn, Pasta Salad
Sunday-Chicken Roll-Ups
Monday-Zataran Jambalya

Italian Sub
Swiss Club
Chopped Salad


debbie said...

I like to see your menus, and I like your lunch menu. It gets me motivated to eat something other than cheese melted on a tortilla. What is a chopped salad? I love salads and if it's a easy salad I may start making it for my lunch.

Amber said...

Deb-thanks for your sweet comments. I love getting comments because I know people actually look at this blog! My lunch menu this week came from Kraftfoods.com. They don't send out their magazine anymore but you can pull up the digital copy (I will show you Friday night). They have 1 bag, 5 lunches section in the magazine!