Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Be All That You Can Be

My brother-in-law turned 30 last week! My sister threw a giant party for him and of course we had to make a cake. She wanted to make him some type of Army looking cake because he is in the National Guard. I googled and brainstormed and we put together a tank cake. We started by making a 9X13 cake and cake in a bread loaf pan. When they cooled we frosted them and put them together. We frosted them with white frosting and then used frosting spray from Michael's to spray the tank green. Then we used Oreo cookies as the tires and a Hershey bar to look like tread. We crushed up Oreo for dirt and used chocolate rocks in the dirt. She did the writing and included his units number on it. The cake was a hit and everyone loved it! Here is a tip though, you need to open a window or door when you use the spray. It made her kitchen smell like a salon. And don't taste the frosting while it is wet from the spray, it tastes like chemicals.

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