Sunday, March 16, 2008


My friend April started a food blog and it got me thinking about how often I entertain, cook and craft and how I want to share my ideas with others. So I kind of stole her idea and created a blog-Thanks April!

I got married 3 years ago and knew very, very little about cooking. My mom always made things that were frozen, could be cooked in a microwave or she ordered take-out. So when I got married, I had to learn how to cook. After learning how to cook for my picky husband, it has become something that I love to do now. I do prefer baking over cooking, but love them both. I love watching the Food Network, I could watch it all day.

Along with cooking comes entertaining. I love to throw parties and get-togethers for my friends and family. I will find any excuse to cook for people. I like my entertaining to be casual and easy to put together. I love outdoor parties on the patio (once we get the yard in these will happen) and BBQs but I also love more "fancy" entertaining for things like Christmas and Easter.

When we bought our house I had to go shopping for items to decorate it with. I was going to places like Tai-Pan and Rod Works and loved what they had. But I had to fill a whole house and those stores can be expensive. So I have started making my own decorations. I am a frequent shopper at Michaels, Roberts and JoAnns craft stores.

So my idea for my blog is a food, entertaining and craft blog. Hopefully you can get some ideas, tips and recipes from my blog and make your own food, crafts and throw your own parties with style. I am also accepting of new ideas, so if you want to share them with me, please feel free to do so.

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