Sunday, March 16, 2008


Anyone that knows me knows that I have had a long battle with cake. After many years of throwing layered cakes into the garbage and making just one layers cakes, I have conquered the double layered cake.
The first cake is the cake that I am most proud of. My nephew Jaedon turned 7 last year and he asked me to bake his cake. I asked him what kind he wanted, thinking her would say white or chocolate. But he said that he wanted a cake shaped like Sonic (a character from Nintendo). I said sure and then freaked out. How was I going to bake this cake? My sister and I sat in her kitchen thinking how to make it and had no clue. I decided that we should make it the day before so in case we couldn't do it, we could still order one. So we baked 2 round cakes. Then I went to Jaedon's room to find something with Sonic on it so we could get the shape right. I found a pillow exactly the same shape of the cake in the form of Sonic. So while I held the pillow above the cake, my sister cut out the shapes to form his ears and hair. We then tooth-picked them to the face and decorated with colored icing. The best birthday cake ever was formed and the look on Jaedon's face was the best ever. He was so excited. We almost cried when we had to cut and serve it.
The second cake was a cake that I made for my mother-in-laws birthday. I made a chocolate cake, decorated it with white icing and drizzled melted chocolate over the top. To decorate, I kept it simple and placed some cherries in the center. I think it is very elegant. I did break my rule and served it on a black plate because at the time I didn't have a white serving dish big enough. But it works because the chocolate is dark and the plate is.


Commonly Cheap said...

Found your blog by clicking "next blog", saying hello.

That Sonic cake is great, the color and shape is perfect. Good job.

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jenmolina said...

So cute! I like your food blog idea, I plan on getting a lot of ideas from you! YAY!!!